Perverted asslicking Japanese doctor

Asslick DoctorI knew something was different with this doctor by the way she “accidently” flashed her panties to the patient.

But I had absolutely no idea just how kinky this sexy Japanese doctor was about to get! She seems to have an anal fixation, as well as an asslicking fetish.

You know, guys aren’t the only ones into ass, and this perverted Japanese female is obsessed with assholes…maybe that’s why she became a doctor in the first place.

As she slides her panties aside with her sexy manicured nails, she says in Japanese, “ii mono misete ageru…ana!” Which means, “I’m going to show you something nice…a hole!”

I almost shot my load at that moment, for it was then that I realized this perverted doctor has as much of an anal fetish as I do…damn I want a doctor like her!

But it gets even better…she wants to lick ass. This sexy asslicking Japanese doctor spreads her patients legs open, and gives him a rimjob he’ll never forget. Imagine how good it feels to have her tongue inside?!

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