Ripped pantyhose and Asian asslicking

asian asslicking

This is one hot Asian asslicking movie with a kinky girl named Ami Morishita. Yeah, she’s sure looking fine in her ripped pantyhose, and I’d lick her sweet Japanese asshole without a doubt…but would you expect her to return the favor?!

One thing you may have noticed is that some Japanese girls have a serious anal fixation…and they love a good asslicking.

When you’re going down on a girl’s pussy, you may notice her nudging her asshole closer and closer to your tongue…then you know you’ve got a girl who likes some anal stimulation. Would you lick her brown, Asian hole?

After you give her a good asslicking, don’t be surprised when she returns the favor! How’d you like to have a hot Asian babe like Ami Morishita in her ripped pantyhose, spread your ass open with her long, sexy nails, and shove her tongue deep inside your rectum?! Damn, it feels good to have her soft tongue in your ass!

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